One handle bag

A chocolate brown one handled leather bag that has a division inside that has its own zippers in order to separate things and to be organize.

In front there’s this pocket that has a lock that looks like a door knocker ring, easy to open whenever you need to get something quickly.

And at the back, there’s a small pocket perfect for your keys enclosed by a zipper.

Brand: Sm Design


Everyday belt


A thin brown belt usually not to fit your waist but just an accessory for your oversize shirt or even dress.I love this belt because it’s simple and it has this key and lock design which is made of metal. You can also use it as a belt, but try to ask for help in pinching holes so that it may reach the required length for your waist.

Brand: Penshoppe

How much: around 200php . I guess? I forgot the exact price xD

Envelope bag

An envelope bag that really as big as an envelope :O Perfect for your iPad.

Color: Mustard. Fits my Persian blue dress (previous post)

Very affordable, comes with a bag handle if ever you’ll get tired of holding it.

Brand: Satchi store

How Much: 600php

Persian blue

A Persian blue Shift dress. Simple and straight. It hangs loose from the shoulders down to the knees(1 inch above).  At the back there’s a simple design that looks like shoe laces, lol I don’t know what they call it.

It’s very comfortable and it’s not a dress that will be worn fit. It’s naturally loose and it’s very comfy.

Wear a neon-colored belt and an envelope bag and you’re ready to go!

Brand: Redhead

How much: Before it was 599 but it was on sale, approximately, 300 php 🙂


Before, nothing can really make me think that I’m pretty.

I always thought that I’m not beautiful enough.

I tried wearing make up, but still , it doesn’t make me feel what I wanted to feel.

But when I started buying clothes, it really made me different.

Clothes that I see in lookbook.

It didn’t matter how much it will cost me.

I think that’s the only way to increase my self esteem.